Unique way to solve your company's complex issues

What is Eris Solver?

Eris Solver is a Crowd-Solver for complex problems or in other terms a Q&A website, designed to answer complex questions. We help your company harness the latent Power of its Crowd and solve its complex issues. We have developed a unique way to solve complex problems by adapting brainstorming techniques to a Problem Tree Analysis and by channeling Collective Intelligence.

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Innovation Management Software

Break down a problem into manageable parts.
Enable solving the larger problem by solving the right component parts
Align the team on nature of the problem and path to the solution(s)
Provide insight into missing issues and sub-issues

Reach cohesion and acceptation of the users on how to solve the issue

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Main Discipline

Agricultural Sciences

Engineering & Technology


Medical and Health Sciences

Natural Sciences

Social Sciences


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